Flight Training

If you want to be sport, private, or career pilot, or just get an additional certificate or rating, I can help! As an independent flight instructor I can offer you the same FAA-approved certification that you’d receive at a flight school, and you'll get personalized service, flexible scheduling, competitive rates, and access to numerous training aircraft.

Transport Your Airplane

Recently purchased an airplane and need to get it to your home airport? I offer aircraft ferry and delivery services. I can also accompany you during the trip, providing you with dual instruction to meet FAA or insurance requirements. My airline pass privileges will increase flexibility on delivery, and decrease the overall cost.

Pilot For Hire

Do you have your own airplane and need someone to fly it? Need to conduct business enroute and don’t want to hassle with flight planning or flying in conditions below your personal minimums? As a FAA-certificated commercial, instrument, and multi-engine rated pilot I can pilot your aircraft wherever you need to go (with or without you).

Tons of Pilot Resources

Who says nothing in aviation is free? Visit my resources page for access to some of the best FREE resources available to pilots, including web links to FAA-certified weather, flight planning and tracking, fuel prices, online logbooks, written test prep, training materials, GPS simulators, aircraft checklists, aircraft performance data, pilot’s information manuals (PIM’s), runway diagrams, instrument approach charts, and much, much more!

Get Flight Tips on Our Blog

Have a question about an aviation topic, want to see a video on how to perform a certain flight maneuver, or just don’t know how to go about getting started with flying lessons? Maybe you want the latest safety-related information or just want to keep up with what’s new in the industry. Stop by and visit the blog.

About Axenty Aviation

Dave AxentyHi! I’m Dave Axenty (Ak-SEN-tee), and I’m an FAA-certificated flight instructor. I provide professional pilot and flight instruction services to pilots of all experience levels in the Salt Lake City area.

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