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Do you have any prior flight training experience? Are you interested in a Sport or Private license? Do you need an airplane? When would you like to begin? Would you like an introductory flight lesson?

Please include what certificate or rating you are interested in pursuing. Also tell me about your flight experience and what type of airplane you’re interested in training in.

Do you need a flight review? If you are instrument-rated, would you like to accomplish your instrument currency as well? Have you flown recently? Is there anything specific you’d like to review? Please tell me about your flying experience and whether or not you will need access to an airplane.

Tell me about the airplane you need transported. When would you like the plane ferried? From where to where? Would you like to receive dual instruction along the trip?

When and where do you need to go? Tell me about your airplane.

Would you like to take a family member on an introductory flight lesson, or a Pinch-Hitter Course? Do you need dual flight time to meet insurance requirements? Maybe you’d like get your complex or high-performance endorsement, get night current, or just work on crosswind landings? Do you want to give me an airplane? ;) Whatever you have in mind, I can try and accommodate your needs.

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