Flight Training

  • Initial Flight Training

    Whether your goal is to become a career pilot, fly for business, or just take on a new and exciting hobby, this is where your journey to becoming a pilot begins. As a student pilot you can choose to pursue a sport or private pilot rating. Traditionally, the private pilot license is the one initially obtained, however in recent years the sport pilot certificate has gained increased popularity, due to the fewer number of flight hours required to qualify. To determine which option is best for you, or for a list of answers to frequently asked questions, visit my blog.

  • Advanced Flight Training

    Congratulations! You are now a pilot. You've enjoyed the privileges and the freedom that your certificate has brought you. But, no matter how clichéd it may be, the saying holds true: a pilot's license is just a license to learn. Ready for your next learning adventure? Let me help you. I can offer you advanced training beyond the sport and private pilot certificates.

    Training options include the instrument rating, commercial certificate, multi-engine rating, flight instructor ratings, as well as high-performance and complex endorsements and glass panel familiarization.

    No airplane? No problem. I have access to numerous aircraft available for your training needs.

  • Recurrent Flight Training

    Due for your flight review (BFR)? Need to get some instrument approaches and holding for your IFR currency? Maybe you'd just like to go out and build up your confidence in handling crosswind landings. If so, give me a call. My philosophy with recurrent training is that it should be efficient, thorough, expeditious, fun, and overall a positive experience. I want to ensure that you are qualified to safely exercise the privileges of the certificate you hold. I offer competitive rates, as well as convenient, online scheduling. Any of the mentioned services can be combined with an aicraft checkout, or to meet insurance company requirements.

    Click here to schedule a training session. You can also access a study guide for your flight review on the resources page or here.

Ferry Pilot (Airplane Transport)

Recently purchased an aircraft? I provide domestic ferry services in light single and multi-engine airplanes to transport your aircraft safely and efficiently to your required destination. Flight instruction or an aircraft checkout can be completed along the way.

My fees are competitive and designed so that you will get the most satisfaction for your money. Prices will fluctuate based on factors such as trip distance, weather, route of flight, aircraft capabilities, and performance limitations. I generally charge a daily fee for my services, with additional expenses such as fuel, hotel, meals, transportation to/from the necessary airports, and any required pilot supplies (such as charts). My airline pass priveleges will help lower your overall cost and provide extra flexibility. I also require that adequate insurace coverage be in place prior to beginning the trip. As a general rule-of-thumb, you can estimate the cost of a ferry trip to be about $1 per mile flown.

Click here to request an esimate. Be sure to include information such as aircraft registration, make/model, origin and destinations points, requested dates, aircraft inspection status, navigational capabilities, and any other pertinent information.

Pilot for Hire

As a commercial pilot with single and multi-engine ratings. instrument ratings I can pilot your aircraft (with or without you). If you're planning on coming I'd be happy to give you instruction in your own aircraft. Planning a trip with a stopover for a few days? No problem. I'll use my airline flight benefits to return home and come back for you when you're ready to return home. Sorry, I'm not a charter operator, and can't arrange aircraft for charter.